New year

So it’s only February but already feels like we’ve gone through so much this year and to be fair it’s been pretty good. It started with Milo scaring us by swallowing some tablets he found and thought were sweeties. He was sleepy and couldn’t be woken and we couldn’t be sure how much he had […]

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Let’s talk about sex

As a parent to two teenagers amongst our six children we have stumbled upon “the talk” with them. You would think it would be one conversation for them both but with an elder boy and girl I found myself approaching it differently to each. It’s not the same world from which I grew up in […]

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Sleep tight little man

Having six children is time consuming, exhausting, exhilarating, fun, rewarding, pretty much everything I had hoped being a dad would be. So when it comes to bedtime and having that one on one time cuddling,  reading, listening and sharing those magic moments before their eyes close I’m all over it. Although sometimes it can take […]

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So this is probably the hardest post I have written, I’m currently listening to my favourite album, older by George Micheal, it brings so many positive memories despite being quite a sad record. It reflects where I’ve been the last few weeks. As you are aware I recently went cold turkey on all medication for […]

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